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Edita Kaye studio shotFrom the moment Edita Kaye saw her words grace the pages of her school newsletter at the age of 9, she embarked on a lifelong journey as a writer and editor. Her early thrill of seeing her story in print ignited a passion that not only shaped her own path but also fueled her dedication to helping others realize their writing dreams.

Throughout her extensive career, Edita has evolved alongside the ever-changing landscape of the publishing industry. Her commitment to nurturing talent has catapulted her authors onto prestigious bestseller lists, including the Wall Street Journal and beyond.

In navigating the dynamic currents of today’s publishing climate, Edita Kaye remains a stalwart presence, deeply immersed not only in every word of every book but also in the intricacies of digital technology. Embracing the transformative era of self-publishing, websites, and cutting-edge marketing tools, she guides contemporary writers toward success, ensuring they harness the full potential of these remarkable new avenues.

FAQ With Edita Kaye

  • What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
    • When I’m not writing I love to cook. I really enjoy trying out new recipes and new ingredients. I also love to tweak old favorites and make them my own.”
  • How did your interest in cooking develop alongside your writing career?
    • I used to grab a snack when I was writing and I began to notice that so many snacks – mostly sugary and carb-loaded- would make me sluggish and sleepy. So I started to get serious about preparing snacks that kept me awake and energized me – that’s how I got started.”
  • Can you share a favorite dish you love to prepare, and what makes it special to you?
    • I’m a huge salad fan. My one signature salad that always gets rave reviews is ridiculously simple. Iceberg lettuce. Kale. Onion. Tomato. Cucumber. Cut all vegetables really fine. Drizzle with a generous pour of extra virgin olive oil, a small splash of white vinegar, and salt and pepper. The salad is simple, looks great, and is delicious.”
  • Do you find any parallels between the creative process of writing and the art of cooking?
    • Not really. Writing is very hard, focused, and concentration-driven work. Cooking, at least for me is pure instinct and a real sense of freedom.”
  • If you could spend the day in the kitchen with any chef, alive or from history, who would it be and what dish would you like to learn from them?
    • LOL. It would have to be Gordon Ramsey. I love how outrageous he is. I love his passion. His energy. And his exacting standards.”

Books I Am Reading

As a writer and editor, I recognize the importance of staying up to date with topics and trends. So here
are the books I’m reading now.

Be Your Future Self Now: The Science of Intentional Transformation by Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Super inspiring and a book that offers a fresh look at goals and milestones in both our personal and professional lives. As the introduction says, “Because we’re disconnected from our Future Selves, we opt for near immediate goals or dopamine hits. This short-term seeking ends up costing our Future Selves big. As Harvard psychologist and Future Self researchers, Dr. Daniel Gilbert asked, “Why do we make decisions our Future Selves will regret?” This brings up a counterintuitive but important truth – the more connected you are to your Future Self, the better you live in the present.”

The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure by Grant Cardone

I loved this fast, easy to read and understand book packed with actionable steps to accelerate your success in any field of endeavor. It delivers what it promises, to help you “stop thinking in terms of basic needs, and start aiming for abundance – in all areas of your life.”

Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear

This book does what it says by offering a clear, simple system to optimize good habits and lose bad habits so that your behavior propels you to goal achievement and personal success.

The Expectation Effect: How Your Mindset Can Change Your World

Love this book that mixes neuroscience with great writing to come up with a powerful formula to live our best life. It’s all about believing in the possible to achieve your personal ‘impossible’.

How To Become a Successful Published Author in 2022

I have enjoyed personal success as a writer, and have had the great privilege to help others achieve their dream of becoming published authors.

The rules have changed, but the passion for books from both readers and writers still remains strong. So if you have a book in you, here are 3 Simple Steps for Book Publishing Success.

Step 1 Niche Down

It’s fine to have a ‘big’ idea but it’s much better to find a more narrow niche and go deep rather than wide. Ask yourself, “What is my book about? What problem am I going to solve?” I suggest you take a sheet of paper and write down your book idea. 

Next, ask yourself who you are writing this book for. And keep it really narrow and tight. You have to know your audience. Your reader. Is it moms, retired persons, is it athletes, is it crafters, or teachers…once you get those two key elements down narrow it down even further. Is it first-time moms? Is it retired persons who are looking for a side gig? Is it weekend athletes? Is it knitters, quilters, or birdhouse builders? Is it 1st-grade teachers or part-time tutors? Write down in very clear terms exactly who your book is for.

Step 2. Outline, Outline, Outline

I know that there are many writers who are blessed with the gift of just being able to sit down at a keyboard and start typing their book. I’m not one of these lucky few. Everything I write whether for myself or for my authors is first laid out in a very detailed outline. 

A great outline for me is like the blueprint to a magnificent house. Wouldn’t you just start banging nails into boards and hope to end up with million-dollar property? It’s the same for your book.

What should you include in your outline?

An outline has several steps. They may seem tedious at first, but they will save you hours and hours of rethinking and rewriting later on.

  1. Lay out all your chapters: And the layout should be consistent for each chapter. That includes the chapter title and the content organization of each chapter. For example, will each of your chapters contain a quotation at the beginning, then a brief introduction to the chapter content illustrated by an anecdote? Will each of your chapters have a series of steps for your readers to follow? Will each chapter have a ‘wrap-up’ section at the end? Will you be citing references for each chapter in your Notes section at that back? 
  2. Fill in all your chapters: Next, add draft content to each chapter. Insert pertinent research if you have it. Add in your anecdotes and examples. This is all still in draft form. Don’t worry about grammar or spelling – just focus on the organization and the content.
  3. Final chapter: Finally, go through each draft chapter, polish, rewrite, and run it through grammar and spell-checking software. 
  • Assemble your final manuscript

Once you have all your chapters written and in perfect shape, it’s time to assemble them into your final manuscript. Add your Front Matter, add your Table of Contents, and add your back matter. And you are done! You have just completed a manuscript for a book you can be proud of!

A little more about me

In addition to being an author developer and editor, I was the writer of several books myself:  The Fountain of Youth, Bone Builders, The Diet: A Novel, and various strategic marketing books that have been honored by The Doubleday Book Club, The Literary Guild, and The Christian Book Club.  

I have also been recognized nationally by The International Association of Business Communicators in NYC, The American Marketing Association of Southern California, and The American Business Women’s Association.  

In addition,  I was a guest on several network and television programs throughout the years, and my work appeared in many magazines and publications.   

Furthermore, Edita Kaye wrote as a columnist for Physician’s Management, and Physician’s Weekly and Marketing, among others.   

In her spare time, Edita herself loves to read, garden, and cook for her family. She also likes to stay physically active and active online on her various websites and social media accounts. Edita Kaye is an extremely diligent, devoted woman who dedicates her time to writing and helping writers get successfully published.

Of all of her passions, books and movies are easily Edita Kaye’s favorites. Edita especially enjoys reading books that get turned into movies and television shows, with some of her favorites including The Wizard of Oz, Gone With The Wind, and The English Patient. Unfortunately, Edita finds it harder and harder to find the time to sit down and enjoy a great book, so she always brings a book with her on her fitness walks in order to stimulate both her body and her brain. Edita loves reading so much, that she’ll even find herself flipping through the pages of a Thesaurus in order to discover new words. Outside of her love for reading books, Edita is a hardcore foodie. She has a love of Italian cuisine and her favorite treat of all time is a simple piece of chocolate.

Praise for Edita Kaye

Larry Kirshbaum
Head of Publishing NYC, AMAZON
Founder LJK Literary Agency, NYC,
Formerly Chairman Warner Books

Edita Kaye is a new kind of author development expert. She introduced this agency to two outstanding authors in just a few months that we subsequently took to strong six figure deals with major publishing houses. Not only does she spot talent and potential but she helps develop projects, makes the right introductions and has a keen sense of contemporary book marketing. It is a pleasure working with her and with the talented writers she brings to us.

Robert Shemin
Wealth Builder, Speaker & Best Selling Author

Edita Kaye is a very talented book developer and broker. She has vision. She creates “killer” book proposals. She totally gets book marketing and has a powerful network of real movers and shakers in the publishing world. Not only that, but she works fast and actually does what she says she’s going to do. In my case she brokered a seven figure book deal for me in just a few short weeks!

Gordon Ettie
Power Plug-In

Kaye has been a great help to me in my endeavor to publish a book. I first met her through a publisher and all who had contact with her were very complimentary. She really knows the publishing business and what new things are happening on the internet. She helped me with my web site and is helping me write a book about energy. You will be very fortunate with an opportunity to participate with her in any of her endeavors.